By Pastor Fran

Text:1 Cor.3:1-15

Our message this morning is the continuation of our theme for the month, which is, ‘Faithful stewardship’ and the title is ‘Will your work stand on the day of the Lord?’

Apostle Paul, who was chosen to take the message of salvation to the Gentiles, to kings and to the people of Israel, was the founder of the Corinthian Church. While on missionary assignment elsewhere he received reports of problems bordering on jealousy and division in the church.

He viewed these things as signs of immaturity and wrote to rebuke them. In his letter he explained to them that there was no need for them to contend among themselves about the ministers God sent to them since they were only the instruments used by God for their salvation.

To bring this point home, he used the analogy of farming business that if he planted and Apollos watered, it was God who gave the increase. This means that it is not the one who did the planting or the one who did the watering that is important, but the God who makes the seed to grow. He explained that the one who plants and the one who waters, though their labour may be different in some respects, they are united for a common purpose and which is to glorify God in the salvation of souls.

Their main purpose was to please God to whom every man and every worker in the vineyard of God will give account and receive his reward according to his own work. Some gospel workers labour with great zeal and diligence preaching the pure and undiluted word of God, and bringing many souls to God’s kingdom. These are workers who build with precious materials such as gold, silver or costly stones. Such people’s work will abide in the day of the Lord. But the work of those who propagate false doctrines and corrupt the hearts of others against the truth of the gospel, will not stand on the Day of the Lord. These are workers who build with inferior or perishable materials.

In our bible reading today we see Apostle Paul referring to himself as a master builder, who through the grace of God laid the foundation of the doctrines of the New Testament church by preaching the message of salvation through faith in Christ. He therefore warned that no other foundation could be laid other than that which Christ laid. He is the firm, abiding, and immovable Rock of Ages, who could bear all the weight that God Himself or any man lay upon Him.

There is no salvation in any other, for there is no other name given to man whereby we may be saved other than the name of Jesus Christ. Apostle Paul therefore instructed that church ministers, teachers, pastors, and others should be careful how they build on the foundation that is already laid. They must ensure they build with high quality materials of sound doctrines and instructions that will edify the church.

In a church built on Christ, members are expected to be mature, spiritually sensitive and doctrinally sound. But the Church in Corinth was filled with immature people who were insensitive to one another and vulnerable to wrong doctrines. Any church with this kind of membership will have many problems because it is not built with high quality materials on the foundation already laid for the Church.

As a Christian parent, preacher, elder or teacher; what kind of doctrines are you preaching? Are you preaching the true doctrine of Christ that is able to produce genuine repentance, faith and holiness in your hearers, or popular messages that do not lead to salvation? The great commission that Christ gave to His followers is to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. Does your way of life preach Christ to others? Every man’s work will be tested by fire on the Day of the Lord. Will your work stand God’s test?

There are a few more questions we need to ask ourselves this morning and we need to answer them as honestly as possible.

1. As a preacher, elder, or teacher in the church, do you tailor your messages to direct people in the way of salvation to become members of the kingdom of God? Or are your messages only encouraging them to hold on to the things of this world?

2. Do you seek self-praise for the spiritual gifts God gave you to use for His own praise and glory?

3. Do you lay your treasure in heaven by helping the poor, widows, orphans in their needs? Or do you feel unconcerned about their plight?

4. Do you as a parent instruct your children in the way of the Lord or do you just keep quiet and allow them to do what they like under your roof? Do you correct them when they do wrong and lead them in the right way? Do you give them Christian education to love God and their neighbours?

If you think that you have not fared well in answering these questions, you need to turn to God for forgiveness and ask Him to fill you with the power of the Holy Spirit, so that you may live the rest of your life for Him.
May all our efforts serving God, attending church regularly, paying our tithes promptly and serving in the church not be a waste in Jesus’ name. Finally, will your work stand or burn in the fire in the day of the Lord?

We should work in such a way that our labour may not be in vain but be acceptable to God on the Day we stand before Him to give the account of our stewardship.

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