By Pastor Fran

Text:Luke 9:57-62

The title for our message this morning is, ‘You must be a steady follower of Christ’ and it is the third on our theme for the month which is, ‘Leaving all to follow Jesus’. In the Gospel of Saint Luke chapter 9 verse 23, Jesus said, ”If anyone desires to come after me, let him take up his cross daily, and follow me.”

To be a follower of someone, you must have admired the person, his ideals or beliefs and be prepared to go in the same direction as him. You cannot say that you are following someone when you are going in opposite direction. You cannot be following a person when you do not make yourself available to listen to and obey his instructions.

And to be a steady follower of someone you have to be firmly attached to him and be consistent in your relationship with such a person. Your trust or confidence in him cannot be shaken by any external influence. It means you have decided to make him your role-model and follow his footsteps in every situation or circumstance.

In our bible reading for today, we see three men who signified their intention to follow Jesus but who due to one excuse or the other were not able to do so immediately. Jesus Christ said if anyone desires to follow Him or be His disciple, he must carry his cross and follow him. To be His